Team Building

Participants are surprised by a fun team-building action where they are challenged to give wings to creativity and create a cocktail.

Bar typologies are created where participants will find all the necessary tools to create a unique cocktail.

The Bartenders team starts with a brief intervention from the world of cocktails, teach to mix flavors and drinks, discover how to make the addition of different spirits / fruits and how they can give a new dimension to a cocktail!

Challenge 1 - "Do as I do": The Bartender Team creates a cocktail and then challenges everybody to recreate the cocktail.

Challenge 2 - "Do your own / Do your Cocktail": The bartender team will challenge all participants to create their own Cocktail.

Challenge 3 - "Cosmopolitan Challenge" - Each group elects a participant, the "best bartender" who will compete for the best time, while the group supports it.